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Jess Chonowitsch Pipe

Jess Chonowitsch Estate Pipe Brandy w/ Ivory

jess chonowitsch pipe pipes

Jess Chonowitsch
Brandy w/ Ivory

About the maker:
For over 30 years, Jess has been making pipes in his entire adult life. Son of the famous Pipe maker Emil Chonowitsch & student of both Poul Rasmussen & the legendary Sixten Ivarsson, Jess has become a legendary Pipe maker himself. In 1966 Jess started working in Poul Rasmussen's workshop repairing & restoring pipes. The skills learned during this time enabled Jess to develop superior pipe making techniques. Jess also worked in the W.O. Larsen Factory for a couple of years and in Sixten Ivarsson's workshop for two years. In 1970 he began making pipes in his own workshop. Residing just south of Copenhagen, Denmark, Jess balances his life around his family and making pipes. Jess's pipes are technically perfect and of an artistic marvel. Each Chonowitsch pipe is special in form and design, but the extra ordinarily special pieces are rare and will be stamped with his bird symbol. Jess make a little over 100 pipes per year from the finest materials including Briar from Corsica & Greece, and Ebonite from Germany. Jess will also use various decorations including Bamboo, Ivory, Silver, & Exotic Woods.

Made in Denmark

Jess's pipes are getting more scarce, and this classical work of art has a stunning grain and is in Near Mint Condition! The perfection in the shape can be seen when the pipe is slowly turned around, and there is a slight cant in the bowl that balances the pipe.

99/100 This pipe is in Near Mint Condition with only a tiny scratch in the side of the stem.


Approximate Measurements:

Length of Pipe:

5 1/4 inches

5.25 in

13.3 cm

Height of Bowl:

1 7/8 inches

1.88 in

4.8 cm

Width of Bowl:

1 5/8 inches

1.63 in

4.1 cm

Chamber Diameter:

7/8 inches

0.88 in

2.2 cm

Chamber Depth:

1 1/2 inches

1.50 in

3.8 cm


1 7/16 ounces

1.42 oz.

41 grams

Product Number: EPJE03

Price: $1,750.00
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Manufactured by Jess Chonowitsch

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