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Kaywoodie Pipe Bent Bulldog 2003 Pipe of the year # 87 of 100

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2003 Pipe of the year
Bent Bulldog # 87

About the maker:
The history of S. M. Frank & Co. spans nearly a century and half of pipe making, supporting our claim as the "oldest pipe house in America." S. M. Frank, as it exists today, is a combination of some of the biggest names in pipe making from the early part of the 20th century. The pipe names Kaywoodie, Yello-Bole, Reiss-Premier, DeMuth, Medico, Heritage and Frank are familiar to generations of pipe smokers. In September of 1997, S. M. Frank released the "Gold Series" of Kaywoodie pipes, marking the first new release in over a decade. This new series is 8 different finishes with push bit type mouthpieces, without the "drinkless screw attachment" or other metal condensers. The pipes are made of larger, extra quality briar with rubber or lucite mouthpieces . With this addition to the line, Kaywoodie pipes are available in 18 different finishes with about 12 different shapes per finish. While S. M. Frank and its predecessor's have gone through many changes over the years, the focus has remained, to offer a quality pipe at a price that the average pipe smoker can afford.

Made in USA

This Large Bent Bulldog has a very nice natural blast, and a diamond shank that matches well with the tapered stem. This is # 87 out of 100 pipes made, this pipe comes with a Kaywoodie Sleeve and box.

100/100 This pipe has not been smoked

2003 87

Approximate Measurements:

Length of Pipe:

6 3/4 inches

6.75 in

17.1 cm

Height of Bowl:

2 1/4 inches

2.25 in

5.7 cm

Width of Bowl:

2 inches

2.00 in

5.1 cm

Chamber Diameter:

3/4 inches

0.75 in

1.9 cm

Chamber Depth:

1 3/4 inches

1.75 in

4.4 cm




71 Grams

Product Number: NPKW06

Price: $155.00
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Manufactured by Kaywoodie

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