Jiří Maczko is more known by his nickname "Biftek" and chose it for his Pipes.  Residing in Bor, Czech Republic, Biftek was raised with a passion for art being influenced by his grandmother.  He attended art school eventhough his father wished him to become a carpenter.  He did end up building wooden houses for 7 years after school, but his passion for tobacco introduced him to the fine art of pipes.  Pipe making allowed Biftek to do something that only depended on him.  In 2017 he decided to only make pipes for his career.  Although inspired by many Russian, Ukranian, and Local pipe makers, Biftek went through a self teaching for the craft and his designs are something new to the pipe collecting eye.  He uses vibrant colors in the finishes and material choices.  There is a feeling of movement with each of his masterpieces.  About once or twice a year, Biftek drives to his briar supplier in Italy to meet with other makers and select the materials for his future pipes.

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