Martin Cermak

Martin Cermak works out of a small studio in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.  He entered the craft suddenly and with a full commitment in 2010 by leaving his job, selling his car, and taking odd jobs when he could find them to make ends meet.  The sacrifice he made has blossomed into a fulfilling career as a professional artist and craftsman.  Martin's unique styling is complimented by his occasional interpretation of the classics, and he collaborates with local pipe maker peers frequently.  Deep colors in the finishes of the briar create a delightful contrast with many of the materials he chooses for the stems and decorations.  Martin takes one or two trips yearly to his briar supplier in Italy to choose blocks for his next masterful creations.  His designs keep evolving quickly and you can be sure to see a one of kind work of art with each and every pipe.

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