Alexander Sokolik

Drawing his sculptural inspiration from Musical Instruments, sleek Sea Creatures, and other forms of nature, Alexander Sokolik shapes to the grain with a similarity to the Danish roots of the craft.  Born in 1966 Kiev, Ukraine, Alexander attened Kiev's Military Aviation Engineering Academy as a radio engineer, and served as an officer for 14 years in the Air Force attaining the rank of Major.  In 2011 he was inspired by viewing a video of Tom Eltang's pipes and he decided to pursue the art to create something so beautiful.  Surrounded by other makers and collectors locally, Alexander was able to develop his craft into a unique art form.  Utilizing mostly just Briar and Ebonite to compose his pipes, Alexander's works become pure to the grain and sculpting of the materials.  He will occasionally compliment with natural materials such as Horn and Boxwood.

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