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Mark Price

Mark Price is a part time pipe maker from Springfield, MO. When Mark’s friend and fellow pipe maker, Matt Roussell, started making pipes, it piqued Mark’s interest in the hobby as a whole. Soon Mark had acquired several estate pipes, tobacco, and was intrigued by the pipe making process. A long time wood worker, it was inevitable that he try his hand at it.

Influenced by Todd M. Johnson, Jody Davis, Tyler Beard and Jeff Gracik, Mark began applying his skill to the craft. Early on it was clear that Mark had natural talent when it came to capturing the essentials of design. In a short amount of time, and with tutelage from other high profile American carvers, Mark began to produce pieces that are quite impressive. Flowing curves, lines, and well sculpted panels are all characteristics of Mark’s work. Mark’s production is currently low, however you can be sure that every piece is exceptional, the work of a gifted craftsman.

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