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Michael Lindner

Michael's background in fine art, commercial art, design, & business administration allows him to create pipes with the consumer in mind. With a production of about 125 pipes per year including old English classics to modern artistic centerpieces, each of Michael's creations are infused with a bit of himself. Nature inspires many of Michael's shapes along with the grain patterns in the briar. Each Lindner pipe is produced from air-cured aged Briar, fine German Ebonite, and many other natural materials, and is crafted with precise and exacting detail. Michael has been making pipes for many years now and is recognized as one of the top American pipe makers today. Michael's style is very distinctive whether you spot one of his classic shapes or wildly contoured works of art, and each pipe will smoke with the highest of quality standards. Michael is currently working at the BriarLab workshop with Nate King and other fellow American carvers and grades his pipes with letters. Sandblasts are graded from lowest to highest with E, D, & C, and the highest graded Sandblasts are stamped with a Spider. Smooths are graded from lowest to highest with C, B, A, & AA, and the highest graded Smooths are stamped with a Dragonfly. Once in a while, Michael will make a Magnum sized pipe and an additional stamp of a Bat will be added. 

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