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New Arrivals at Smokers' Haven

Thursday February 19th, 2015
Chheda Abe Herbaugh Nate King Clark Layton
3 New Chheda Pipes 2 New Abe Herbaugh Pipes 2 New Nate King Pipes  4 New Clark Layton Pipes

New Estates
42 New Estate Pipes

Greetings Pipe Fans!

The cold air and snow just won't quit here at the Haven. Piles of it gather in drifts just outside, and traversing storm and ice to and from work everyday is starting to take its toll (for those of you in warmer climes – salty roads are good for keeping the ice in check – but havoc on your car). It is so cold outside right now that it could get 40° warmer and still be freezing. However, I do keep a close watch on the calendar and I know this is Winter's home stretch... we are almost there. Not out of the tunnel but close enough to see the promising light at the end. No warmth yet, but as many of you have probably already noticed the days are getting longer and the sunshine is making its way out to a higher peak each time it passes by.

So in the mean time, and in anticipation of the season that brings rebirth, growth, and finally being able to smoke outside without tremendous preperation and survival gear - there is a whole new batch of pipes to ponder and peruse. This week's update includes offerings from: Nate King, who surprises our expectations with a rare classic shaped billiard; Abe Herbaugh, and his uncompromising refinement; Clark Layton, proving that there is no end to his ability to make fine and unique shapes; and our very own Chhedas, with attention to detail everywhere you look.

There is also a nice new group of estates, GBD, Dunhill, Ben Wade, Sasieni, Peterson's, Savinelli,...and even some unsmoked wonders.

Remember to check out the basket pipes as there are new ones being loaded onto the website daily, and soon to be posted, just in time for Spring, there will be more artisan pipes, and more estate pipes, and more, and more, and...

To our friends overseas...celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Lamb, Happy New Year and the kindest of blessings.

May everyone's smoke be sweet, pipes stay dry, tobacco keep moist, and spouses allow for temporary indoor allocations.


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