David S. Huber

Inspired by the work of masterful pipe makers all over the world, David S. Huber began making fine artisan pipes in February of 2012. In the summer of 2014, he left his former career as a designer for live theatre to fully commit himself to the craft of pipe making. His pipes are creative, unique, meticulously crafted, and rooted in the work of the masters. Each piece is made from the best materials available by his hands alone. Among his many accolades, David received first place in the annual Kansas City pipe- carving contest in 2013 and Best-In-Show at the Kansas City pipe show in 2015. David’s work has been featured multiple times in Pipes & Tobaccos Magazine, including an eight-page feature article in the Summer issue of 2017, and has been interviewed as a young industry
leader on radio and in print. His work has drawn the attention of many highly revered pipe artisans and collectors around the world, some who he is honored to call his friends and mentors. The pipe makers who have personally contributed most to his development as an artist and crafts person are Premal Chheda, Alex Florov, Jeff Gracik, and Nanna Ivarsson. David runs his company, DSH Pipes, as an artist-in-residence at Liberty Arts Sculpture Studio & Foundry in Durham, North Carolina.