Peter Livolsi

Peter Livolsi, born in 1939 in Baltimore, Maryland, is a distinguished figure in the world of pipe making. With a father who was a bricklayer, Peter developed an appreciation for craftsmanship from an early age. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University as a mechanical engineer, a background that contributed significantly to his precision and attention to detail in pipe making.

Peter's life is marked by service and dedication. He served in the Army National Guard during the Vietnam War and retired with the rank of Colonel. His military career remained a significant part of his life, and he continued to stay active in military circles long after his retirement.

Married in 1968, Peter is a family man with two sons. His varied interests have led him on many adventures, from snowmobiling in Canada and rescuing horses to photography, bass fishing, and building scale model airplanes. These hobbies reflect his diverse talents and his zest for life.

A pivotal moment in Peter's pipe-making journey came when he met Walt Hettinger during his military service. Walt became his mentor, guiding him in the art of pipe making. Of Sicilian descent, with roots in Palermo, Peter brings a rich cultural heritage to his craft. His pipes are known for their classical foundational shapes, imbued with a distinct personal style that sets them apart.

An active member of the Chesapeake Pipe Club, Peter continues to contribute to the pipe-smoking community. His dedication to the craft, combined with his mechanical engineering expertise, results in pipes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

Gallery of Sold Peter Livolsi Pipes