Vollmer & Nilsson

Martin Vollmer and Anders Nilsson are two brothers (Actually half-brothers, which explains the different family names) living in Malmo, Sweden. Malmo is the third largest city of Sweden and is located in the province of Scania in the very southernmost part of the country. Up until 1658, Scania was part of Denmark, and Martin and Anders still feel a close bond to their Danish neighbors.
While pursuing different careers, Martin & Anders have spent a great deal of their leisure time in the last couple of decades smoking, collecting, and making pipes. For some time they have been supplying pipes to friends and relations, and their level of craftsmanship and design has led them become full-time professional pipe makers.
All Vollmer & Nilsson pipes are made to provide the best possible smoking experience. The smoke channel is 4 mm in diameter. The mortise and tenon are cut with precision to create an extremely smooth fitting. The mouthpieces are made from high quality German ebonite rod. They are drilled with specially ground drills, to taper from 4 mm to 2,5 mm at the mouthpiece slit. The slit itself is 1,8 mm high. Only the finest Briar from various sources are used for each Vollmer & Nilsson pipe. Martin & Anders will use other materials to decorate the stems or briar and they include: a reconstituted gemstone that is made from ground stone and acrylic, Exotic Woods, Silver, and others.
Martin & Anders do all of the silverwork, and the stamps applied should be read as follows:
VNP - Our makers mark, registered at SWEDAC, the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment.
M - City of manufacture, Malmo
925 - Sterling Silver (925/1000 parts pure silver)
E11 - Year of manufacture: 2003
F11 - Year of manufacture: 2004
G11 - Year of manufacture: 2005