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IMP Meerschaum

GBD estate pipe Century 2007
IMP produces very high-quality "new generation" meerschaum pipes. Only the finest quality Block Meerschaum is used to produce these specialized English and Danish shapes.  IMP also has the ability to make very extravagant carved pieces that rival the Masters of old.  Each pipe features a set delrin mortise and tenon that allows for easy cleaning and a perfect draw.  The Acrylic stems are cut thin and are very comfortable, and each pipe is custom fitted in a wood case lined with velvet and wrapped with Burgundy Leather.  These are the only Meerschaum pipes that have all the benefits of cool dry smoking meerschaum and quality engineering of traditional briar pipes.  All IMP Meerschaums carried by Smokers' Haven have a even coating of natural beeswax, and they will color quickly and evenly with only a few smokes.
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