IMP Meerschaum

IMP produces top-tier "new generation" meerschaum pipes, utilizing only the highest quality Block Meerschaum to craft specialized English and Danish shapes. Renowned for their craftsmanship, IMP also excels in creating intricate, extravagant carved pieces that rival the masterpieces of old.

Hand-carved in Turkey by skilled artisans, IMP pipes are made from solid-block meerschaum. The material, a soft, white, clay-like mineral known as magnesium silicate or sepiolite, is prized for its carving potential. The name "meerschaum" is derived from the German word for "seafoam," reflecting its appearance. After being excavated from unstable tunnels, meerschaum is shaped, intricately carved, and baked to dry. Each pipe is then treated with natural beeswax, enhancing its coloring process with use.

IMP meerschaum pipes undergo a meticulous creation process. Initial rough shaping is often followed by master detailing, especially for figural designs. Addressing durability issues of the past, each pipe features a sleeved shank to accommodate the smooth nylon tenon, akin to traditional briar pipes. The final product is fitted with an acrylic bit and encased in a laboriously hand-carved, velvet lined, and leather covered wooden case. The non-combustible nature of meerschaum ensures no burnout, and its porosity allows for beautiful coloring over time and a dry smoke, making IMP pipes a perfect blend of traditional artistry and modern engineering.