GH.ZHANG was created by Guo Hui Zhang out of his passion for tobacco pipes.  His start in the pipe business was from developing a pipe making materials supply for artisan makers.  Over the years he developed personal friendship with many pipe makers around the world.  In 2017 he had an idea to create quality pipes in more intricate shapes, designed by artisans but produced in larger quantities.  Many carvers including Ping Zhan, Xu Hai, Boris Starkov, and Cornelius Mänz consulted with Guo Hui so he was able to start production.  GH.ZHANG celebrates the artistic creations with each carver's design, and allows for many more pipe collectors to enjoy their work.  The pipe makers are compensated for each pipe produced, not just the design.  At the time of this writing, the artisans participating include David S. Huber, Cornelius Mänz, Dirk Heinemann, Ping Zhan, J. Alan, Abe Herbaugh, Sam Cui, Michail Revyagin, Boris Starkov, and Viktor Yashtylov.  GH.ZHANG are available in Smooth and Sandblasted finishes.  There are 40 different shapes and only 100 of each shape is made per year.  The name of the pipe maker that designed each shape is stamped on the pipes.  Each pipe is also stamped with a briar country source as follows: IT-Italy, GR-Greece, ES-Spain, DZ-Algeria. Exceptional grained pipes are stamped with a water stamp for Smooth, and a mountain stamp for Sandblast.  Each stem is Hand-cut from top grade German Ebonite.