Butterbone Briars

Tanner Halligan, the craftsman behind Butterbone pipes, hails from a quaint town in Pennsylvania. Driven by a spirit of exploration and a quest for new opportunities, he made his way to Columbus, Ohio. Tanner's journey into the world of pipe making was sparked during casual gatherings with friends, where the enjoyment of a pipe piqued his curiosity. Eager to delve into the craft, he sought out expertise and found a mentor in a local pipe maker. Starting from the very roots of processing briar and mastering the lathe, Tanner honed his foundational skills. While pursuing his college studies, originally inclined towards a career in the National Parks, Tanner found a connection with nature. His love for outdoor activities such as camping, canoeing, and fishing became integral to his lifestyle. Each Butterbone pipe reflects Tanner's commitment to quality, crafted from carefully selected Greek Briar and fitted with an Italian Acrylic stem. Known for open draws that deliver a full-flavored smoke, meticulous technical details, and stunning finishes, Tanner Halligan has established himself as a skilled artisan in the world of pipe making.