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Matt Roussell

Matt Roussell works out of his small shed in the town of Ozark, MO. At the time of this writing, Matt has been making pipes part time for about four years. Needing a hobby, Matt’s father-in-law suggested pipe making to him. Intrigued, Matt began to research. His early inspiration came from several instructional videos by Jeff Gracik. Later Matt studied with American carver Nate King. Currently, Matt and fellow Missouri pipe maker, Mark Price, collaborate frequently together creating wonderfully “Classic American” artisan pipes.

Matt’s primary influence has been the Danish school of design blended together with American techniques, methods, and aesthetics. Most of his shaping is done freehand with an emphasis on the subtle curves and roundness present in most Danish pipes. Engineered with 4mm draft holes, hand-cut stems, and an eye for quality, Matt is one of a new cadre of American carvers you can’t afford to miss.

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