Jonas Rosengren

jonassmoke.jpgAfter many years of of searching for a profession, Jonas decided to become a teacher in woodwork in 2004.  Many of his ancestors have been cabinet makers, and it may well be in his blood to create and craft fine pipes.  His interest in pipe making came as a result of seeking knowledge in Knife Making.  A Swedish knifemaker, Börje Thelberg, also was interested to make pipes, and after Jonas picked up a pipe again after many years, he was caught with the pipe making bug.  After searching the world wide web, he realized that many excellent pipe makers were living close to him, and they were very welcoming to help him with knowledge and sourcing equipment to build his own shop.  That was in 2010.  Now Jonas is able to spend time with his wife and two sons, and his workshop is just a stroll down the steps into his basement.  Jonas crafts his pipes from the highest quality Mediterranean briar and ebonite.  His shaping has a bit of a twist on the traditional Scandinavian aesthetic and you will see many unique creations that are his own.