Todd Bannard

Stout, built like a tank, intollerant of foolishness, and possessing a stand up comic's wit describes not only Todd Bannard (by night known as Sasquatch) but of his pipes as well. A pipe maker since 2008, Todd creates his wares from the back half of his tiny garage in Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

A carpenter by day, Todd is obsessed with the functionality and performance of his pipes. Mr. Bannard has perfected his pipes to smoke like champs. Admittedly Todd prefers to create pipes that are largely influenced by brands such as Peterson, Dunhill, and Castello and are characterized by traditional shaping with attention to lines, symmetry, and curves.

Todd’s pipes are all stamped simply BST, an abbreviation for “Briar, Sweat, and Tears.” Todd uses primarily aged Greek Briar and drills the draft holes to 5/32”. Why buy a BST pipe? I think Todd says it best: “I build pipes for that perfect smoke, and that's more important to me than anything. Every time a guy lights up a BST he should say ‘Oh man, I'm so glad I bought this pipe.’”