C. Kent Joyce

kentjoyceprofilepic.jpgA Pipe Collector at heart, Kent has drawn inspiration from the many fine Artisan pipes in his collection in addition to the works of some of the Japanese, Danish, Russian, & Swedish Masters. Kent has also ventured into the unknown with his own eclectic design, and he is not afraid to experiment to create something new. Kent is from Noble, Oklahoma USA, and his first venture into Pipes & Tobaccos was in 2000 when a friend gave him two pipes. Used to working with his hands to fix and build, Kent naturally took to pipe making when he first tried his hands at it with a pre-drilled briar pipe kit in 2012. One year later, Kent had developed the techniques and skill to make a fine pipe from scratch, with knowledge gained on pipe makers forum and other pipe makers. He has also been guided by Veteran pipe makers Premal Chheda & Tyler Lane, and many others in person and online. Kent is very grateful for the generosity and sharing of knowledge between colleagues in the great pipe making community. Now working out of his small Storage Building in his back yard, Kent creates his works with precision and patience from fine Mediterranean briar and German Ebonite. He also may use other materials for decorations on the pipes including Black Palm, Olive, & other Exotics.

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