Michail Kyriazanos

Michail Kyriazanos is a young Greek pipe maker from the island of Paros. One of several Greek artisans to emerge in the past several years, Michail has distinguished himself by his inherent love of classic shapes, as well as his meticulous nature. Before his career as a pipe maker, Michail was an occasional cigar smoker when one day he espied a gentleman smoking a pipe in a cafeteria. Curious about the differences between pipe and cigar smoking, Michail purchased his first pipe - a Stanwell. It wasn't long before he became aware of not only how enjoyable pipe smoking was as a hobby, but also that pipes themselves could be beautiful creations of art. Because Michail could not afford to buy one of these artisan pipes, he decided to try his hand at making them.

While Michail has not had any mentors in the traditional sense, many pipe makers have helped him develop along the way. Of particular inspiration to him was the work of the late Paolo Becker who, according to Michail, “managed to make the most successful fusion of classic and modern shaping.”

Michail engineers his pipes with 4mm draft holes and a deep “V” shaped slot in the stem to ensure a perfect draw. Michail is, “devoted in classic pipe making,” and interested in, “reviving some old and forgotten shape styles that I find to be very elegant.” He also works with freehand designs when they suit his fancy or a block of briar speaks to him in a specific way. In addition to briar, Michail is also using Strawberry Wood on occasion and enjoys using natural accent materials such as Horn and Bamboo.