Luiz Lavos

Luiz Lavos found an interest in woodworking as a child spending afternoons after school in his grandfather's workshop.  Luiz's grandfather was a Portuguese immigrant that settled in Brazil where Luiz was born, and constantly encouraged him to try tools and build things.  Luiz is currently working as a freelancer with branding and packaging design, and is a skilled graphic and product designer living in a small village near Lisbon at the mouth of the Tagus River. He has always kept some craft in his focus during his career including studying luthiery, building electric instruments, and recently with a friend designing and building by hand, portable arcade machines.  In 2017 Luiz moved to Portugal looking for new opportunities to utilize his creativity and to celebrate something in his life that he loves.  Pipes.  Luiz has gravitated to create mostly Classic shapes due to their utilitarian nature.  Inspired greatly by Hans "Former" Nielsen, Luiz gives each pipe more delicate and refined lines.

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Luiz Lavos Pipe Brandy
Luiz Lavos Pipe Rhodesian
Luiz Lavos Pipe Natural Prince