Douglas Finlay

Douglas Finlay's experience from being a master mechanic for over 35 years has a tremendous impact on the precision and detail he incorporates into his pipes. Residing in Independence Missouri, Doug whips up his masterful creations in a workshop that is humble and tailored to his skills. In 2017, Douglas started his journey as a pipe maker as a hobby from the pure enjoyment of smoking a pipe and it blossomed into his current profession. Although Doug has already achieved a high level of craftsmanship, he continues to look for ways to improve them and evolve the designs. After only 2 years at it, The Greater Kansas City Pipe Carving Contest chose one of his to be placed in the 2019 set. The attention to detail and design in the briar complements his precise work in the stems.
“I take pride in my work and I am sure that you will enjoy the way my pipes look, smoke and feel while enjoying your favorite blend of tobacco, I pay very close attention to making, what I feel is one of the most comfortable bits out there.” - Douglas Finlay