Joe Hinkle

Indiana native Joe Hinkle is a relative newcomer to the pipe making scene, but possesses an impressive pedigree. Three days a week Joe rises at 5:00am to make the commute from his home in Lafayette to Indianapolis, IN, to work in the BriarLab workshop with fellow artisans Nate King and Michael Lindner. The rest of the time he spends in his basement workshop in Lafayette. Although Joe, who has been making pipes for about five years now, has a propensity to carve in the English aesthetic, Lindner and King have been a huge influence on his later work. He has begun to incorporate more Danish elements into his designs. This influence from two of America's most preeminent carvers melds together with Joe's personal aesthetic to produce some very functional and elegant designs. 

Each of Joe's pipes are engineered with the standard American draft hole of 5/32", which tapers throughout the stem to the button. The result is a pipe with an open draw and a comfortable bite. Joe uses briar for the vast majority of his pipes, but is not opposed to experimenting with other materials for both the stummel and the accent pieces.

A humble and quiet man, Joe loves smoking smaller billiard style pipes, typically filled with a mild English blend or a Virginia flake, while he works. A self described handyman, hockey fan, and amateur musician, Joe Hinkle is a prime example of budding American carver destined for great things. Collectors pay heed.

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