Le Nuvole

Maurizio Tombari created Le Nuvole pipes in 1996 Pesaro, Italy after years of working as a pipe maker at Mastro de Paja and Ser Jacopo. He was also an interior designer and a graduate of painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino, Italy. Being so close to where the material grows and is produced, Maurizio has access to some of the finest Tuscan and Calabrian Briar to choose from. Aged at least three years, he carefully chooses each block to ensure his pipes will be of the finest quality and grain. His wife Stefania starts the initial designs of his models and refines them with her uncontaminated vision with thorough research and inspiration from memories.

"Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight
The entire collection comes from the desire that moved me from the very beginning: to make a pipe completely by myself, with my own hands, following each phase of the work, creating a product controlled down to the last detail and giving it the uniqueness, harmony and lightness of clouds." - Maurizio Tombari